Where our gang does it live and in real time. Our first ever live episode, streaming out around the world, providing dark and nearly funny material at broadband speeds. Featuring celebrity guests, spirited debate and the appearance of a prick and a penis. Follow us on Twitter @angerpod and visit angerpod.com for more free episodes.

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Our gang celebrates their first big milestone with a race war. Also, Jay eventually reaches puberty, Ari demands final satisfaction for Ziggy and Ron gets up Jay's hopes, only to shatter his dreams. Follow us on Twitter @angerpod and visit angerpod.com for more episodes.

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Proving once and for all how dedicated they are to quality podcasting, our gang powers through the first half of a very lazy episode to break new grounds in professional barstool prophecizing: namely Jay trips over his words, Ari wont stop talking about the upcoming live episode and Ron takes a nap.

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Our gang gets felled by technical difficulties, but not before discussing the merits of anal intoxication and the similarities and differences between our host Jay and the current paramour of Ms. Olivia Wilde. Follow AngerMGMT on Twitter @Angerpod. For more info, visit angerpod.com.

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Our gang discusses the new year and the forthcoming live episode (coming January 30th!). The show also turns into a real love fest until Ron decides that his gay dog, Smokey is cooler than everyone, that Jay is no longer funny and that Ari is really not all that interesting. Follow AngerMGMT on Twitter @Angerpod. For more info, visit angerpod.com

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